Capt-all® Handheld Amalgam Separator HVE Tip 25 Refill

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Under $7 per use for compliance! The perfect solution for occasional amalgam removal.

Capt-all® is the only easy-to-use handheld amalgam separator HVE tip that collects and disposes of harmful mercury chairside and prevents it from entering dental equipment, vacuum lines, and plumbing. Capt-all® meets all EPA 441(a)(2) compliance standards. 1 Box of 25 tips refill- no recycling box, can be recycled in an amalgam bucket.

 Single use product ensures safety and allows for easy billing.

 Confirm with your state or local authorities to see if their requirements differ from the EPA final ruling for collection of amalgam waste.  Not available in NY, NJ, CT, MA, MN


SKU: R3301RF-25