Sterisil SMART Compliance Single Operatory Kit

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The exclusive, Sterisil® SMART Compliance Single Operatory Kit is waterline management made simple. Save by purchasing this all-in-one kit for each operatory in your practice to achieve optimal results.

• 20x better treatment efficacy than iodine straws
• Continual waterline treatment guaranteed for 365 days
• Built-in initial shock treatment
• No oxidizers that may damage handpieces or affect amalgam separators
• Compatible products that work together
• Pass more waterline tests
• No foul odor or taste. No staining.
• No daily maintenance, iodine testing, or need for dummy straws when shocking


• EPA-registered to provide ≤ 10 CFU/ml, 50x lower than the current CDC guidelines
• Powerful Silver-Ion technology

Available for all water quality levels:
• Distilled Straw - TDS = 0-100 ppm
• Municipal Straw - TDS = 101-250 ppm
• Distilled Straw - TDS = >250 ppm

• Sterisil Straw - (1 straw)
• Citrisil Shock tablets (4 pk)
• MyCheck In-office Testing Paddles (4 pk)
• Free SMART Compliance Binder & DUWL Literature
• Quick Start Guide
• Water Testing Workflow Chart