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Sterisil System G4 Cartridge Replacement Kits

Sterisil System G4 Cartridge Replacement Kits

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Sterisil System G4 Cartridge Replacement Kits options:

•SS-AK: Stages 1, 2 & 3 + UV Bulb

•SS-DI (2) Stage 4 - Deionization Cartridges

•SS-DIXL (2) Stage 4 - Extended Life Deionization Cartridges

The Sterisil System G4 is designed to deliver purified autoclave water as well as treated dental water, made right from your municipal supply. A simple plug and play solution to all of dentistry’s water related supply problems. 4 system sizes to support up to 30 operatories.

• Effluent dental water treated to ≤ 10CFU/ml
• Equipped with a Class B UV light
• Eliminates the need for purchasing and storing distilled water
• Output autoclave water is purified to <10ppm TDS and is
suitable for any washer or autoclave
• Live water quality monitoring
• Audible and visual alarms
• Self-closing valve heads make routine maintenance easy
• User serviceability eliminates costly technician visits for
routine maintenance

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