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Sterisil System G5 Intelligent Autoclave and Dental Water System

Sterisil System G5 Intelligent Autoclave and Dental Water System

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The Sterisil System G5 continually examines the state of your System to ensure quality and efficiency. All System readings including cartridge life, cartridge performance, water usage and many more are sent via Wi-Fi or Ethernet to a local PC for convenient monitoring. The System is equipped with audible and visual alarms giving detailed descriptions and “Next Steps” to expedite troubleshooting. 4 System sizes to support 4-42+ operatories.

Does not contain oxidizers, such as iodine and chlorine, which have shown to release mercury into dental waste water.


•Equipped with a Class A UV light
capable of killing 99.99% of bacteria and viruses*
• Produces on-demand Dental, Autoclave and RO water
• ≤ 10 CFU/ml EPA claim exceeds EPA, CDC and ADA guideline by
50x the standard
• Streamlined installation for bottle fill and direct feed applications
• Touch screen and PC remote monitoring
• No tablets or daily additives
• Annual maintenance of only 10 minutes
• 24/7 monitoring with automatic alerts
• Two-year data storage and system memory
• Built-in troubleshooting guides
• Internal sensors and valves prevent water waste
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